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Wake up maggie I think I got something to say to you It's late september and I really should be back at school I know I keep you amused but I feel I'm being used Oh maggie I couldn't have tried any more You lured me away from home just to save

aevery night in my dreamsi see you, i feel youthat is how i know you go onfar across the distanceand the spaces between usyou have come to show you go onnear far wherever you arei believe that the heart does go ononce more you open the

natalie - apologize - 女声版 我只知道这个A字开头的歌, 还不错

samantha mumba - always come back to your love 我就知道这一首 好的话就采纳吧


你好!e 不会是还珠格格主题曲如有疑问,请追问.

April Love --四月的爱Almost Lover- 无缘之恋

稍微详细一点吧AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME ? AS a whisper ?A Grave Is A Grim Horse ?A man and a woman A wink and a smile A gift and a cuese A new name a new life A dream or two A song is born Ave mary a A partial print A spell a rebel yell A story about a girl A gangster and a gentle man..

《倾我所有》 I could be your sea of sand 我会是你宁静的港湾 I could be your warmth of desire 我会是你温暖的庇护 I could be your prayer of hope 我会为你祈祷 I could be your gift to everyday 带给你日新的感受 I could be your tide of heaven 我将带

冯曦妤-A Little Love 曲e68a84e79fa5e9819331333332623935:陈光荣 词:Anders Lee/冯曦妤 编:陈光荣 监制:陈光荣 Greatness as you smallest as me You show me what is deep as sea A little love' little kiss A litlle hug' little gift all of little

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