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remember to do sth.

remember to do sth 记住应做的某事 remember doing sth 记住曾做过的某事

remember to do sth.

Remember to do sth 记得去做某事; 记住要做某事; 记得要做某事; 记得做某事; 记住要干某事;

remember doing something.remembertodosomething

remember to do sth 记得要去做某事remember doing sth 记得曾做过某事remind to do sth

remember to do sth.记住要做某事(还没做) remember doing sth.记住曾做过某事 (做过了)望采纳

记得抄去做袭某事2113 Remember to do something 重点词5261汇4102 记得1653remember; recall; call back to mind; keep in memory; carry with one某事something

记得已做过某事用什么英文单词remember what you've doneremember to do sht

过去常常做某事used to do 习惯做某事be used to doing 我觉得记这个挺简单的,过去常常做某事所以过去是used ,然后另一个也就记住了,希望对你有帮助!

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