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Hello, dear teacher. I am in zhengzhou university in west andreas bai-song Yang international college class of 2013 students. Please review my request. I took part in the four ITEP examination, but failed. I worked very hard, and I think that my English

I am afraid in the classroom speak English, moreover I, in or sends about English grouping to move is specially anxious, I worried that English said is worse than others, I run into the foreign guest the time, is the fear because of wrong receives the ridicule .

First of all, you need to explain the situation to your friend clearly, secondly, you could try to find the 100 yuan that your friend had lost. Furthermore, you should be more friendly to them. Don't worry, as long you do all you can to help, they will have trust

Sometimes money also not is what good things.The main character in the movie although CEO who's got a million cheque ,But he is not happy. People cannot too greedy .People honesty. So our life will be happy .I think the film tell us 在语法上有点小错误 估计不会被看穿的


crinkle fades, and is available for free, as long as 20 minutes to half-face makes you younger.., would you like to give it a try? When you are satisfied, then we go into the觉得行就采纳吧.I've got product


You know? I miss you every day every hour every minuteSince the last time and I often think of you after you leaveI often think of you good? Someone you love? You care?I know we can't be together but I don't blame I hate myself. 歌词:The feeling

I love you had never been any change in the number of the past, now that many. Recently not always easily between events recalled. I never said to you, does not mean that I do not care about you. Because you are in my heart whenever, perfect for I

Dear Mr/Mz Cheng, I'm very sorry to say that I have to ask for a leave for two days. I went swimming yesterday and caught a bad cold. I had a terrible headache this morning. My mom took my temperature and found I had a fever. She had to take me

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