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意思:adj. 准予进入;被承认了的;公认的 一、读音:英 [d'mtd];美 [d'mtd] 二、例句:Children under 12 will not be admitted.十二岁以下的儿童不得入内.三、词汇用法/搭配:1、maximum admitted diameter of work 工件最大许

admitted: [ d'mitid ] a. 被承认了的,公认的例句与用法: 1. Admittedly, I've never actually been there. 说实在的, 我从未去过那 . 2. Admittedly, he didn't know that at the time. 无可否认, 他当时并不知道. 3. The number admitted must not exceed

应该都可以,但意思不一样,admitted to do sth,承认要干某事,admitted doing sth,承认干了某事.

addie [ 'di] , africa [frik], ada ['ed], aimee [ 'emi], aisha [ea]

1. admit作为动词,中学阶段只须掌握下列用法和短语.1)承认/供认admit sth “承认/供认某事”admit doing sth = admit having done sth “承认做过某事”admit to (doing) sth “供认(做过)某事”admit sb/sth (to be) + 名词/形容词等 “承认某


admit to do sth.

admit sb to do something

1. 表示“承认”,注意以下用法:(1) 一般为及物动词,直接跟宾语;表示向某人承认用介词 to:He admitted his mistake. 他承认了他的错误.He admitted to theteacher that he was wrong. 他向老师承认他错了.This meant admitting defeat. 这

及物动词 vt. 1.承认[+v-ing][+(that)][O2] You must admit the task to be difficult. 你得承认这个任务是艰巨的. We have to admit that he's a highly competent man. 我们必须承认他是个非常能干的人. I admitted breaking the window. 我承认打破了窗子

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