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ComE on AnD livE For yoursElF!

用by,表示强调 就自己一个人去看 用for,表示强调 自己亲自去看

Trust yourself! Live for yourself, don't care much about rumours and gossip . Come on/Cheer up, Sunhang!


Ask yourself once everyday whether you live well or not from now on,and after then be alive for yourself.

For the future and for your own consideration, be good.

都可以:for yourself 强调你来逛店的目的是为了你自己by yourself 强调你来逛店是自己一个人来

这是七年级上册的句子吧,我们学过,我还记得,呵呵~这句的话翻译应该是:为了你自己来看看,所以必须用for因为for yourself译为为了你自己,for是为了的意思而by yourself译为靠你自己呵呵~明白了吗?望采纳哦!

come and see for yourself at book store


come onGive your man some rock 'n' rollAnd get yourself some sweet rock ' rollI keep singing;n'://music, you welcome my daySo come on; rollI'm just a soldier of fortuneMust be the gypsy in meI ain't along when I sayI never needed love so badly

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