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歌曲:《Let Me Down Slowly》演唱:Alec Benjamin 作词:Alec Benjamin 作曲:Alec Benjamin 歌词:This night is cold in the kingdom 夜晚寒意由此蔓延 I can feel you fade away 你仿佛渐行渐远 From the kitchen to the bathroom sink and 从厨

《Let Me Down Slowly》是由创作型歌手亚历克本杰明录唱的一首流行歌曲,单曲于2018年5月25日通过华纳音乐集团发行.If you're leaving baby let me down slowly 宝贝如果你要离去,能不能不让我失望地如此彻底 Let me down, down 我已

because ilove you

就是叫:because i love you If I got down on my knees and I pleaded with you If I crossed a million oceans just to be with you Would you ever let me down?If I climbed the highest mountain just to hold you tight If I said that I would love you every single

the saltwater room (owl city )

come on,sweet death 来吧甜蜜的死亡EVA中出现的歌曲

the beatles -- don't let me dowm

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歌手:Christina Aguilera 专辑:Stripped Christina Aguilera - BeautifulDon't look at meEvery day is so wonderfulAnd suddenly, it's hard to breatheNow and then, I get insecureFrom all the fame, I'm so ashamedI am beautiful no matter what they

Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin是您要的版本吗?2分49秒,是完整版的.提取码1314 网页链接希望能办法到您~记得采纳,谢谢!

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