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stAnD For的用法及短语

stand for v.代表, 代替, 象征, 支持, 做的候选人 stand for + 动名词 / 名词 stand for To represent; symbolize.代表;象征 To advocate or support:倡导或者支持:stands for freedom of the press.倡导新闻的自由 To put up with; tolerate:接受;容忍:We will not stand for impertinent behavior.我们不会容忍不礼貌的行为.

stand for 代表; 为…而奋斗; 拥护; <口>容忍 We stand for religious freedom. 我们支持宗教信仰自由.

stand for 容忍;忍受 例句:I'm not standing for it any longer.这种事我再也不能容忍了.

你理解错了instead of 是副词词组take the place of 是行为动词词组in place of 是副词词组 be in place of = take the place of上面这几个只不过是词性不一样stand for 是象征的意思 行为动词词组

stand for 1. 代表;象征 the american flag stands for freedom and justice. 美国国旗代表自由及公平. what do the letters un stand for? 字母un代表什么? 2. 主张;支持,拥护 we stand for self-reliance. 我们主张自力更生. instead of 代替/而不是

您好!stand for 有代表、为奋斗、容忍的意思.代表:What does the "S" stand for? “S”代表什么?容忍:I won't stand for this kind of behavior!我对这种行为不能容忍!

二者的用法区别体现在词性不同和意义不同上 instead of是介词短语,具体用法如下所示: 1.代替,而不是:We should do something instead of just talking about it.我 们应该做些什么而不是只是谈论./ Could I have apples instead of bananas?

常用的用法有: 1.站立,He stand in on the snow 2.忍受,I can't stand it any more. 3.有多大高度:He stand 180cm in height. 4.看台,摊位:There is a stand selling hamburgers at the corner.

主语:My guess谓语:is 表语(从句):that you're probably standing in a bookstore or in the airport, checking out a magazine stand for something that might excite.表语从句中,you 为主语,are standing为谓语,in a bookstore or in the airport

STAND 的用法 be at a stand 停顿 Business is at a stand now. 现在生意萧条 make a stand 1. 进行抵抗 2. 停下 stand about 闲立着 Stand aside 站开,躲开, 不做事, (竞选时)退出 stand back 1. 退后 2. 不参与 ★stand for 1. 代表;象征 2. 主

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